ACPC was created in 1966 to provide a forum for Chief Intellectual Property Counsel to share best practices related to intellectual property management, operations, strategies, and the issues and challenges faced on the job.  

At the time of its formation, ACPC held a single annual meeting.  Over the years, ACPC evolved its schedule to include two national meetings per year which focus on networking with peers, presentations covering intellectual property topics, and sharing insights into best practices through benchmarking:  a Summer Meeting in June and a Winter Meeting in January.  ACPC also evolved its membership requirements to encourage more participation by members from a diverse range of smaller and mid-sized companies, and emerging industries.

In 2019, ACPC adopted its first-ever mission statement and strategic plan.  Areas of focus included Meetings, Membership Engagement, and Developing the Next Generation of ACPC Leaders.  ACPC’s focus on the future and evolving to meet future challenges and member needs proved to be prophetic, as 2020 was a year of great change for ACPC. 

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Summer meeting was ACPC’s first-ever virtual meeting.  As the country quarantined, ACPC pivoted its CLE programming and networking to offer its members a series of informative and interactive webinars.  ACPC responded to the social unrest and calls for social justice by issuing a strong diversity statement, emphasizing the organization’s belief that “every person is entitled to be treated with dignity, fairness and respect” and confirming our “support of and commitment to justice and equality for all regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.”

While ACPC members cannot wait for the day we are able to gather together in person again, we recognize that online engagement is here to stay as well.  ACPC has prepared for its future as an in-person and on-demand member services organization by updating our brand on virtual platforms for content delivery, building a new website, and engaging on social media platforms. 

ACPC has turned 55 and is well-prepared and positioned for its next 55 years as the premier membership association for Chief Patent and/or Intellectual Property Counsel of businesses operating in the United States.

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