Dear ACPC Members,

Greetings! It is my honor and privilege to begin my term as ACPC President.  ACPC was established 56 years ago as a place for Chief Patent Counsel to meet and exchange best practices related to intellectual property management, operations and strategies.  The core mission of ACPC remains the same, even as the demands on our positions have evolved.I would like to thank Bernie Zidar for his incredible leadership as our ACPC President last year.  The wonderful in-person meeting in San Diego was a fitting positive close to his term and a challenging 2020-2021 ACPC year for all.  In 2021, ACPC flexed to continue to meet the needs of our members operating in virtual and in-person work environments.  We brought content to our members that was responsive to the challenges the pandemic posed to our practices.  We advanced our efforts in inclusion & diversity and support of our Next-Gen leaders in ACPC.  We also started our regional meet-ups to locally engage our members in small groups in Atlanta, Boston and Minneapolis.  In 2022, we will build on this with additional regional meet-ups and continue to advance offerings and programming that is important to our members. 
Last year ACPC accepted a Board seat at the Foundation for the Advancement of Diversity in IP Law (FADIPL). At the Winter Meeting in San Diego, we had the pleasure to host three scholar law students, recommended by FADIPL, to experience an ACPC meeting and network with ACPC members.  The feedback on the pilot program has been very positive and this year we plan to further develop the engagement of ACPC with FADIPL scholars to provide more mentoring opportunities for the students with ACPC members – enabling ACPC to make a larger positive impact on the future of the profession that has been so good to us.As we look to the coming year, please note that we are an association committed to:

  • In-person meetings. We are targeting two meetings with strategic and relevant professional content in the next year, a Summer Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay in June, and a Winter Meeting in January 2023 (location TBD);
  • Advancing our Digital Strategy by storing exciting program content in a virtual library, and adding functionality and capabilities to our website; and
  • Continuing to advance our initiatives on Inclusion & Diversity, and mentoring and growing our Membership  

You, our ACPC members, are what make this organization a success.  Over the last two years in particular, it has been a pleasure to experience our shared commitment to ACPC and our appreciation for the value we receive from the engagement. I thank you for the involvement, and look forward to working together for an exciting, lively and informative year!

Glenn Edwards